Did I fuck up my ballot?

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Let's unfuck some ballots!

Curing Ballots 101

Please note: time is of the essence. We have until March 19th to cure as many ballots as possible.

Voters who made a mistake in not checking the party declaration box will have their ballot rejected. But! They can submit a second form to "cure" their ballot and have it counted.

They can't change their vote, and new voters cannot submit ballots. That window of opportunity has closed.

1. Identify voters with rejected ballots

We've got a tool to specifically go find people near you with rejected ballots.

2. Plan your outreach

You're going to go door to door and talk to these voters about how they can fix their ballot to have their vote be counted.

We know that's a bold proposition in Washington, with the Seattle Freeze and all. :D But friendly neighbors showing up to offer an easy, quick remedy, to make sure their ballot is counted, is something a lot of folks are really going to appreciate. This is exactly what fighting for someone you don't know, looks like in real life.

Here's a sample script for you to use when talking to voters:

"Hello! My name is [ your name ], I'm actually your neighbor from just a few blocks over, and I wanted to reach out to voters who had their ballot rejected. The primary came with some changes this year, as you may know, and many voters will have their votes rejected unless they cure their ballot.

"( You're not alone, by the way —¬†over 82,000 people are at risk for having their ballot rejected. )

"Good news is, it's easy to fix! I wanted to get the word out and make sure your vote was counted, so I brought you this cure form.

"Just fill it out, make sure to check one party box, signand mail it in before the 19th, and your ballot can be cured and your vote can be counted.

"Thank you for voting! Have a good one!"

Feel free to practice a few times, and find some wording that works for you.

3. Go knock some doors!

You're ready to hit the streets! Print your materials, bundle up, bring some water if your list is long, and head on out to talk to voters.

Find voters with rejected ballots near you →

Rejected Ballot Search Tool
Find rejected ballots
Ballot Cure Forms
King County Forms

Note!: King Co. requires that voters submit the correct form to get their ballot cured, depending on the reason why their ballot got challenged. We'll show you that reason for each voter, but make sure you give them the correct form!

  • Signature Does Not MatchUse this form for ballots with the following challenge reasons:
  • Unsigned Use this form for ballots with the following challenge reasons:
    • NO PARTY
All Other Counties:

You can print many copies (dozens!) and bring them to voters with rejected ballots in your neighborhood, or anywhere in the state.