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Did I fuck up my ballot?

Over 82,000 ballots in Washington's primary have been rejected for issues around the party declaration box. But there is hope! Find out whether you fucked up your ballot, and how you can fix it.

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Voter Did I fuck up my ballot?
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Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Why is this happening?

Washington's using a vote-by-mail primary to decide the nominees for the two major political parties. There's a lot of very skippable backstory here, but suffice it to say this is the first time the primary has really mattered for Democratic voters.

Well, as required by the Powers That Be to ensure that, oh say, Trump voters don't try to meddle in the Democratic Primary, voters MUST choose one choice in the Party Declaration box for their vote to be counted:

A lot of folks were confused, or forgot, or protested, or whatever, and now we've got a big ol' bunch of ballots that (might) need to be cured. So we're here to help.

Using this tool:
Q: The Big Question: did I fuck up my ballot?

We hope not! Type your first and last name above, tap 'Search →' and find your voter record. We tried to give you the clearest answer possible in the last column.

Q: What if I couldn't find my ballot record?

Our data is updated daily as soon as it's available, but it's always a snapshot in time ( whereas, the process itself continues on in real time ). It probably means your ballot hasn't been received or processed yet, so try again in a few days, but you might also try using your legal name ( e.g. "Robert" instead of "Bob", etc.)

Q: Is there hope of getting my vote counted, if I did fuck up my ballot?

Yes, there's still hope! You should get a form in the mail ( and possibly, a phone call ) with instructions on how to correct ( or, “cure” ) your ballot so it can be counted.

Q: I haven't gotten that form yet. What do I do?

You can go full I'd Like To Speak To The Manager Mode. Contact your county auditor to inquire about your cure form and your ballot. There may very well be options to print up a replacement, or pick one up from your County Elections department.

Q: What does 'Not Yet' and 'Received' mean?

'Received' is just an acknowledgement that your ballot has successfullly arrived for processing. But 'Accepted' or 'Rejected' is a step after that. Check back in a few days.

Just the facts:
  • Ballots are due back by March 10th at 8pm.
  • You MUST pick a party and sign your envelope to have your ballot counted.
  • Register to vote, or find a ballot box.
  • 17 year olds, who will be 18 by the General Election, are not allowed to participate in this year's Presidential Primary. :(
  • As of writing ( March 17th ), at least 82,000 ballots are affected.
  • Any candidate must receive 15% of the vote ( per Congressional District ) to win any delegates.
  • Out of the 13 candidates that are printed on your Democratic ballot, 10 of them ( or 77% ) have already announced they are dropping out / suspending their campaign.
What to do if you're upset:
Q: Hey woah, why is my information public?

Per Revised Code of Washington, it's public information. Campaigns use this information to contact you, to encourage you to vote, or to help you cure your ballot, or, for “any political purpose.”

Q: I don't like something about this process.

So, two possible avenues for recourse here:

  1. WA Democrats insisted on adopting this new system. You may contact them with your feedback.
  2. Your state legislators wrote the rules that dictate much of how this works. You might reach out to them with your thoughts on the matter.
Unsolicited voting advice:
  1. Maybe wait until after Super Tuesday to cast your vote.
  2. It sure looks like Bernie Sanders is doing well in the polls.